Main Directions

Main Directions of Research in the Centre for Cognitive Programs and Technologies

     Cognitive science is a combination of sciences about knowledge, its acquisition, storage and transformation, and about information processing. Cognitive science is interdisciplinary: it traditionally combines linguistics, psychology, phylosophy and artificial intelligence.
     Over the last years the boundaries of the cognitive science have extended dramatically. Now it involves neurosciences (neurosemiotics), anthropology, sociology, and cognitive studies in management and decision domain. In reality such division is quite relative and the boundaries between them are blurred because of great challenges before the cognitive science. Close interplay of several components of the cognitive science arranges for further studies of consciousness functioning and interrelation between man and outside world.
     The main directions of research in the Centre for Cognitive Programs and Technologies are Cognitive Linguistics, Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence. The reserches in these areas are conducted under the guidance of the members of the centre’s Board. 

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