Artificial intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence in the Centre for Cognitive Programs and Technologies

     The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a research area aimed at solving the problems of modelling human information processing mechanisms, i.e. those kinds of human activities, which are traditionally considered intellectual.  

     Cognitive researches in the field of Artificial Intelligence include imitation and formalization of cognitive processes, which generate new knowledge. 

     Russian State University for the Humanities together with Russian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information of the Russian Academy of Sciences created a method of intellectual data analysis and hypotheses generation, which formalizes synthesis of three cognitive processes: induction, analogy and abduction. The founder of the JSM method, which is called after English mathematician and philosopher John Stewart Mill, is proffessor V. K. Finn, the member of the board of the Centre for Cognitive Programs and Technologies. This method brings about Mill's ideas about induction and Peirce's ideas about abduction. It represents heuristics automated in intellectual systems (IS) allowing to analyze the data and generate hypotheses in life sciences and human social behavior sciences. 

     Today there are different intellectual JSM-type systems for various subject domains: pharmacology, medical diagnostics (evidential medicine), sociology (cognitive sociology), criminalistics, attribution of historical sources, robotics. 

     Creation of intellectual systems implementing cognitive discourse in sociology is caused by demand for qualitative sociological data analysis formalization. The interaction of classical sociology and modern methods of intellectual data analysis results in a new section of modern sociology, which is cognitive sociology. 

     JSM-type systems also work in the field of medical diagnostics (evidence-based medicine). In particular, there are experimental versions of intellectual JSM system for clinical data analysis for patients suffering from melanoma. The system is aimed at forecasting patients’ life expectancy. 

     The JSM method is successfully applied in pharmacology for chemical compounds properties forecast and artificial intelligent robots creation. Moreover, the Institute of Linguistics of RSUH is currently developing the methods of automatic syntactic analysis.

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